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About ChiWalking®

What is ChiWalking®

  ChiWalking® is for everyone. The program is an exciting, new approach to creating health, fitness and well-being through walking. ChiWalking® blends walking with the inner focuses of T'ai Chi, to increase balance, strength, and mental focus. Walking is the ideal way to get and stay fit. With the ChiWalking® program you will walk faster and farther with less effort. You’ll slim down and get stronger and more centered with every workout. The technique emphasizes the proper biomechanics of walking, including: good posture, loose joints, engaging core muscles, and relaxing your arms and legs. It’s easier on your body and helps improve and eliminate the aches, pains and discomfort of walking incorrectly. You’ll overcome poor movement habits that can lead to long term injury, such as knee or hip problems.  

What are the Benefits of ChiWalking®

          Increased mobility 

          Reduces or eliminates pain 

          Improves posture 

          Strengthens core muscles 

          Improves balance 

          Loosens joints 



ChiWalking® is Easy to Learn

 A creatively designed program will instruct participants how to incorporate the five mindful steps that will get anyone, regardless of age or athletic ability, into great shape from head to toe, inside and out. 

1. Get aligned. Develop great posture and better balance. 

2. Engage your core. Make back and knee pain disappear. 

3. Create balance. Walk faster, farther, and with less effort. 

4. Make a choice. Choose from a menu … to keep an exercise program fresh. 

5. Move forward. Make walking any distance an enjoyable experience.  

Sue McGregor

Sue has been practicing ChiWalking® and ChiRunning® since 2006. She began running at age 60 and in the early years tore both meniscus. It was the injury prevention emphasis of the practices that enticed her to investigate the benefits of the technique. To this day she has not had knee surgery and continues to run and walk regularly for mental and physical well-being. Sue has run six marathons (including the five World Majors) and as recently as the summer of 2016 did the last 200 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. She taught in the Washington DC area prior to moving to Sarasota – where the weather and lifestyle lend themselves to a continued practice. Susan is available for group and individual classes. Sue is pleased to share her excitement of just having finished first in her age group in January 2018- Key West Half Marathon and in February 2018- Sarasota Music Rockin' 10K.

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walk with sue in srq

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